Why Adair Came to America?

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“Accounts blandly say he opened a loan brokerage in 1866 in New York; the place where he, a presumably very landed gentleman, meets and marries his presumably very wealthy bride. But why leave Ireland at all?”

In 1866, Adair came to post-Civil War New York from Ireland to boost his fortunes. Why? Perhaps the wild-fire spread of the Great Cattle Plague from Europe to Britain toward Ireland was threatening his way of life. That year, this hymn was written and widely sung in English churches:

  1. All creation groans and travails
    Thou, O God, shall hear its groan
    For of man and all creation
    Thou alike art Lord alone. \

  2. Pity then Thy guiltless creatures
    Who, not less, man’s sufferings share
    For our sins it is they perish
    Let them profit by our prayer. \

  3. Cast Thine eyes of love and mercy
    On the misery of the land
    Say to the Destroying Angel
    ‘Tis enough; stay now thine hand.’ \

  4. In our homesteads, in our valleys
    Through our pasture lands give peace
    Through the Goshen of Thine Israel
    Bid the grievous murrain* cease. \

  5. Hear and grant the supplications
    Like a cloud of incense, sent
    Up towards Thy seat of Mercy
    Through the forty days of Lent \

6 And at last to all Thy servants
When earth’s troubles shall be o’er
Give, O Triune God, a portion
With Thyself for evermore. \

  • murrain = disease

All Creation Groans and Travails (1866)
Church Hymn
By J.S. Neale (1818-1886)