Unfolding like the book of Genesis…

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Charlie Goodnight’s dream is to ranch the Palo Duro. Hitched to Goodnight’s voracious savvy, John Adair’s voracious wealth makes it possible. Goodnight’s nephew, poet-songwriter Andy Wilkinson, portrays the “man born thirsty for this place”…

He ran him the last mile, then pulled up short
Of the brittle rim, loosed the reins and eased
Down off the saddle, the jittery steed
Dancing backwards from the edge of the earth.
Unfolding like the book of Genesis,
Canyon walls and buttes and mesas, hoo-doos
And arches and mountains of fallen rock,
The bright rivers weaving in, weaving out,
All stacked and jumbled, stretched away,
In an endless draught for the parched eyes
Of a man born thirsty for this place. \

Andy Wilkinson
Charles Goodnight, First Looking into Palo Duro Canyon